How It Works


Configure the free AtWill app

AtWill is available for free in both the App Store and Android Marketplace. Install it in minutes, and set it up with your personal information and driving history. You’re now ready to start managing your garage. Download the app here.


Manage your garage

Add each vehicle you’d like to insure on-demand. Plug in the year, make, model, VIN, and possession of title, and shoot a quick photo for reference. You’re now ready to start shopping for insurance.


Shop insurance

Use the AtWill app to find the appropriate policy for each vehicle in your garage. Consider the car’s value, driving frequency, and your potential exposure in case of accidents.

Seamlessly assign an on-demand policy to each one. The app will remember your policies, and stand by ready to turn them on.


Turn on your policy when you drive

When you go to drive a vehicle, simply flip open the app and turn on its policy. Choose how many days to you plan on using it. Review your coverage, and either accept the default, or make a change if needed. You’re now covered for as long–and as much–as you need.

Change of plans? If your vehicle isn’t back in the garage when the coverage period runs out, Simply extend it with the click of a button.


Change it up as needed

If you like the policy you have in place, it’s easy to turn it on whenever you need it. But if you want to switch carriers, that’s no problem–getting a replacement policy is just as easy at it was to get the policy to begin with. AtWill shops rates in real time so you can get the best coverage without all the legwork.

AtWill helps you remember your insurance whenever you drive

Remembering to turn on your insurance every time you drive can be yet another thing to think about, but AtWill helps you with it. When your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth, the app will prompt you to activate coverage, before you unintentionally drive without insurance.

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